We tried to message the dead first, but they were ghosting us.
10 Voice messages 给 Lebende und Tote

Kategorie/Category: Audiowalk 

Beteiligte/Participants: Yinfu Gao, Jannis Wulle, Judith Bethke

Aufführungsort/Place: Neuer Friedhof Gießen

Samstag 31.10.2020 11:00-12:00
Sonntag 01.11.2020 11:00-12:00

Personenzahl/Number of persons: 10 per Slot

Dauer/Duration: ca. 60min.

Sprache/Language: Deutsch, Englisch

Triggerwarnung/Trigger warning: The audiowalk is dealing with the topic of death.



This is an audiowalk about graveyards from different viewpoints. It is consisting of voice messages in order to communicate – or trying to communicate – with both the living and the dead. Feel free to listen to the audios in an order of your choice, to not do a task if you don’t feel like it, to not listen to all of the audios, to take a break, to choose your own walking speed and to take off your headphones whenever you feel like it.

You need a smartphone (or any other device to play audio files) and headphones.

This is how it works:

  1. DOWNLOAD all 11 audio files on your phone or device of your choice.
    You can skip this step if the internet on your phone is good enough to stream for example music on Spotify.

                        Click here to download the files.
Or search for “10Messages” on Spotify / Apple Podcasts and download all episodes.

  1. GO to the graveyard “Neuer Friedhof Gießen” (Friedhofsallee 43, 35396 Gießen).
  2. LISTEN to the “Intro” first. Then play the other audio files in an order of your choice and feel free to move around the space of the graveyard in the way you want to. Respect the hygiene rules and possibly mourning people.

We will meet at the graveyard two times to do the audiowalk together.
If you want to participate please reserve yourself a place on Doodle.

Apart from this, there is always the possibility to do the audiowalk on your own whenever you want to and/or with people you would like you to join. In this case we especially ask you to MIND THE HYGIENE RULES: WEAR A MASK, ALWAYS KEEP A DISTANCE OF MIN.1,5M AND DON’T MEET WITH MORE THAN 5 PEOPLE!

Diese Arbeit ist im Rahmen des Seminars „Topoideologischer Raum“ entstanden.