Dear institute, dear students, dear teachers, dear participants and potential viewers* of the Theatermaschine,

We as Theatermaschine2020-Team are currently giving a lot of thought to the issue of rising Corona-numbers and are exchanging information in meetings about the circumstances in which the Theatermaschine2020 is to take place.

Our consensus so far is that we will try to let the festival take place under strict hygiene conditions. We as a festival and festival organisation team have a responsibility that is constantly being created and challenged, and we are aware of this. Despite all the criticism that has to be discussed in a cultural-political context, we generally welcome hygiene measures and see in them a possibility and the necessity to act in solidarity. It is possible to show art within the hygiene measures (!); but it is only possible if everyone – responsibly and in solidarity – takes part.

Here we want to show transparently which factors have an impact on our decision to let the festival take place or, if necessary, to cancel it:

  1. The public health department decides on regulations that prohibit public events or similar.
  2. The city of Gie├čen decides on regulations that prohibit public events or similar.
  3. There is an announcement that there will be a lockdown within the next 14 days.
  4. Two or more (non-university) locations cancel.
  5. The University of Giessen tightens the regulations for the use of university buildings.
  6. Hygiene measures during the festival will not be followed.
  7. The hygiene shifts cannot be filled.
  8. At any time, other reasons that are not listed here may be added or circumstances may arise that motivate us to decide to cancel.

Especially regarding the last two points: We need support from all those who take part in this festival: we need many people who take care that the entrance/exit, disinfection, etc. are observed and carried out (hygiene shifts) and if these shifts cannot be filled, we cannot allow the corresponding performance to take place.

For most formats there will be Doodles in advance in which you have to sign in (we try to do this as soon as possible, but there will probably be Doodles to sign in just before the Theatermaschine). This is to prevent waiting times in front of locations and the formation of groups. It also allows us to guarantee the limited number of spectators* inside. Please keep in mind that as many people as possible should have the opportunity to participate in the TM programme and be prepared to watch fewer programme items than usual.

All performances shown in the Theaterlabor (PB3000) are university internal! This is not because we want to give exclusive performances for fellow students, but simply because of the hygiene regulations of the University of Giessen. Therefore, please bring your student card from JLU Giessen to performances in the Theaterlabor (PB3000). Unfortunately, visitors who are not enrolled at JLU Giessen or do not work there cannot be admitted to university buildings. Sorry for that!!

Even if it is difficult, we cannot tolerate group formation before or after performances. In concrete terms, this means, for example, that there can be no (smoking) groups in front of the buildings and thus no exchange discussions after the performances can take place in front of the locations. We will offer alternative forms of criticism and exchange.

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to this Theatermaschine with all our hearts and minds, the program is packed and beautiful, you can really look forward to something!!

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Thank you very much! And virtual hugs,

Your TM team <3