the right to have rights

Kategorie/Category: Discussion

Aufführungsort/Location: Skype / KiZ

Thursday 29.10. 21:00-23:00

registration for attending the meeting from KiZ

Personenzahl/Number of persons: Skype: unlimited / KiZ: 15


Source of the picture: Dan Perjovshi. The Show, from The Time of the Virus. 2020. Courtesy the artist


There are many students amongst us that can not be in Gießen this semester. We are aware that this festival offers only a few digital integrating formats and that this also means that we create a certain exclusivity. We want to share thoughts and voices of people that can’t be here. 

That’s why we’re organizing a discussion we titled ‘The right to have rights’, referring to a text written by our fellow student Nazanin Bahrami, which you can also experience as an audio installation in the exhibition ‘Topologien des (Un)Erreichbaren’ (Topologies of the (un)reachable) in KiZ. 

The discussion can be joined online or live at KiZ (you will only have to fill in the Doodle if you can and want to be present in KiZ). The discussion is hybrid, like this semestre, and it’s our try to create analogue and digital attention to the problematic situation a lot of our fellow international students are affected by.