Kategorie/Category: Live Performance 

Beteiligte/Participants: Alice Nogueira and Ana Clara Montenegro

Aufführungsort/Location: PB3000
university intern, bring your student card!

Samstag 31.10. 21:00-22:00 

Personenzahl/Number of persons: 20

ca. 60 to 80 minutes

Sprache/Language: English

Triggerwarnung/Trigger warning: difficult subjects


This is a personal project an artistic project to deal with the meaning of failure on stage in our contemporary society. We investigate understand try to understand this word, FAILURE, in our personal experiences in an individual and social context. At some point we got lost. We could not manage it. We decide to blame to invent someone else

A machine was created to represent all the bad things we see in the world all the contradictions we humanity holds. A machine to make provoque failure.

This is an experiment. We will try some things. Chances are: we will fail.