Before i invented my world

second Episode: nu scoate gunoiul din casa (dont take the garbage out of your house)

Kategorie/Category: Performance

Beteiligte/Participants: Dana Maxim

Personenzahl: 15 

Aufführungsort/Place: Keller Prototyp

KiZ (Ep. 2 Sonntag 1.11.2020 19:00)


Dauer/Duration: 25min

Sprache/Language: Romanian and English

Trigger Warnung/Trigger warning: –


Don’t take the garbage out of your house is the second episode of the theater performance series Before I invented my world. The title’s meaning comes from Romanian, where in some regions it is said also don’t take out from the house. The expression means that the problems and conflicts which happen in one house/one family should be solved inside the family, without telling anyone else about them or asking for help.