Three, two, one // boys in sync - together and alone // happy vineyards

Kategorie/Category: Screening

Beteiligte/Participants: Simon Zeller, Jakob Schnack Krog, Rain Halle, Gregers Krogsleiven-Hansen

Aufführungsort/Location: Prototyp (indoors)

Freitag 16:30-17:30 and 20:30-21:30

Personenzahl: 15 

Dauer/Duration: 60min

Sprache/Language: English


While working on a project about soapy heterosexual love and the rise of the political far right in 1920 and 2020, Jakob Krog and Simon Zeller have to alternate their working strategy. With their working colleagues Ragni Halle and Gregers Krogsleiven-Hansen locked behind national borders, they develop their very own way of mourning and continue to research on the toxic essence of togetherness.