fleshy encounters

Kategorie/Category: Bodywork Session

Beteiligte/Participants: Mara Kirchberg

Aufführungsort/Location: Strahlenzentrum (Container / X-Jungle)

Samstag 31.10. 17:30-19:30
Sonntag 01.11. 17:30-19:30

Personenzahl: 1 to 1 performance 

Dauer/Duration: 30min. per Slot

Triggerwarnung/Trigger warning: The visual sense may be restricted at times.



FLESHY ENCOUNTERS is an Immersive Sensory Sculpture creating a place that touches and invites to be touched. It proposes to re-focus on the potential of the haptic and tactile sensual perception that we tend to forget when growing up and that is even more neglected in these particular times of physical distance. As an interface between the body and its surrounding worlds the skin is a boundary and a passage at the same time. This threshold is explored in the form of guided individual sessions engaging its guests as sentient beings. By using somatic modes of attention and inter-embodiment as a tool, FLESHY ENCOUNTERS is not only an intimate encounter with ourselves but also a reflection of the ways in which we perceive, relate and reside with our (material) environment.

FKESHY ENCOUNTERS is a cooperation between my Research Project LEAKY BODIES dealing with the idea of a porous and therefore receptive body and Patrick Faurot’s Master Project X-JUNGLE, in whose specific ecology the sessions will take place.

Please wear comfortable clothes.