critique machine

There will be critique talks every day about the art of the day before. We will collect feedbacks also during/after the events at the locations by using a feedback-box, that will be included into the critique talks.  
Since the program is very packed, we are going to offer critique talks also on the weekend after TM.

The talks are going to happen online
The schedule might still change.

Friday 30.10. 10:00-11.00
Topologien des (Un)Erreichbaren
The right to have rights

Saturday 31.10. 10:00-12:00 
Unternehmen Eiche
Delure (work in progress)
Three, Two, One // Boys in Sync – Together and Alone // Happy Vineyards

Wenn die Wände nicht wären

Sunday 01.01. 10:00-11:30 
Meditations for Encountering Difference, or the Limits of Knowledge
A domestic ambivalence
Die Figuration des Künstlers
Before I invented my world Ep.1

Weekend after TM
LuftLust PlastikPleasure
We tried to message the dead first, but they were ghosting us.
Baumwollblumen gibt es
using all the words I know
Kurzfilmprogramm 1
Kurzfilmprogramm 2
ich will nach nichts schmecken außer nach dir