Baumwollblumen gibt es/Cotton flowers exist

Kategorie/Category: Performance/ Performative Installation 

Concept, Choreography, Space, Drawings: Maria Tsitroudi
Performance: Kai Er Eng, Melina Brinkmann, Ruth Süpple, Maria Tsitroudi
Sound: Vincent Vialla
Licht/Technique: Simon Lenzen

Aufführungsort/Place: KiZ

Sonntag 01.11. 15:30-17:00


Personenzahl: 10 per Slot

Dauer/Duration: 30min. Slots

Sprache/Language: English subtitles



The performative installation Cotton flowers exist is seeking to bring into dialogue the actual with the virtual, to connect the materiality of the world with the capacity to imagine & create non existing landscapes. More precisely it is an attempt to explore what connects the practice of drawing, choreographing & walking. It brings into conversation three different forms of writing in three different scales: the writing on the surface of a sketch book by drawing, on the floor of a room by choreographing & what it is written on bodies while walking outdoors. My intention is to bring into light the highly idiosyncratic inner landscapes that have been inscribed into drawings & translate them into room installations. Cotton brings in this work a corporeal memory from landscapes & temporalities of my early life & becomes the main generative force & material for the performative exploration of drawing. A series of film-portraits from people that relate to its production & to my cultural background are projected on unusual surfaces & together with the exhibition of the drawings they compose the artificial landscapes of this work.