Kategorie/Category: live performance

Beteiligte/Participants: Diana De Fex 

Personenzahl: 25 – university intern, bring your student pass 

Aufführungsort/Place: PB3000 

Sonntag 1.11.2020 16:30-18:00 

Dauer/Duration: 30-45 min

Sprache/Language: Englisch



What vestiges of my home and my life could I leave for the turtle that will outlive me? A rabbit choreographs my movement in curious and afraid hide-and-seek. I dream of detecting the future through my sense of smell and of sensing the dog’s perception of time. I attend to the animals whose worlds encounter mine. They whisper me stories about this place called myself. I seek proximity as I am confronted with the limits of empathy. Could there be an “us” when we meet? Or has it already happened?