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Liebe Alle,

Wir müssen leider bekanntgeben, dass die für diese Woche geplante Theatermaschine2020 nicht stattfinden kann. Es tut uns leid, dass diese Entscheidung so kurzfristig gefallen ist.
Heute Abend hatte das Theatermaschinenteam vermutlich das emotionalste Meeting aller bisherigen Meetings. Diese Entscheidung ist uns sehr sehr schwer gefallen, denn die Theatermaschine war und ist ein Festival, in das wir und Ihr extrem viel Herzblut, Energie und Leidenschaft einfließen lassen. Wir werden jetzt unsere Gedanken sammeln, und uns morgen wieder und ausführlicher an Euch wenden.
Vielen Dank für all Eure Zusprüche, Eure Ideen, Eure Projekte und Eure Unterstützung.

Kommt gut durch die Nacht,
In Liebe,

Euer TM2020-Team

Dear all,

Unfortunately we have to inform you that Theatermaschine2020 which was planned for this week can not take place. We´re sorry that we came to this decision in such short terms.

This evening the Theatermaschine team had probably the most emotional meeting among all the meetings until now. It was a very hard decision to take, because Theatermaschine was and is indeed a festival, which generates and involves lots of energy, time and love. We have decided to gather our thoughts and get back to you again tomorrow in more detail.

Lots of gratitudes for your encouragement, your ideas, your projects and your support.

Your TM2020 team


Dear institute, dear students, dear teachers, dear participants and potential viewers* of the Theatermaschine,

We as Theatermaschine2020-Team are currently giving a lot of thought to the issue of rising Corona-numbers and are exchanging information in meetings about the circumstances in which the Theatermaschine2020 is to take place.

Our consensus so far is that we will try to let the festival take place under strict hygiene conditions. We as a festival and festival organisation team have a responsibility that is constantly being created and challenged, and we are aware of this. Despite all the criticism that has to be discussed in a cultural-political context, we generally welcome hygiene measures and see in them a possibility and the necessity to act in solidarity. It is possible to show art within the hygiene measures (!); but it is only possible if everyone – responsibly and in solidarity – takes part.

For further information please click here.

Hygiene and safety rules

safe, safer… Theatermaschine
Art against viral depression

Visitors are requested to disinfect their hands on admission.

In order to avoid accumulations and to avoid exceeding the maximum number of participants, it is necessary to register in advance on a doodle list for the various programme items.  

The rooms are ventilated and disinfected for a quarter of an hour by stewards on site. Safety officers are also responsible for compliance with the current hygiene guidelines. So please dress warmly.

Guests who show clinical signs of COVID-19 or have recently had contact with infected persons are asked not to participate in the events of the Theatre Machine.

Hygiene and safety rules will be based on the current rules and will change accordingly if the situation becomes more severe.

Adherence to the general rules of hygiene and distance, 1.5 metres between each other, is obligatory for participation in all events, as is the wearing of a mouth-and-nose cover throughout the festival.

Unfortunately we have to inform you that Theatermaschine2020 which was planned for this week can not take place. But of course you can still check what would have been showed during the festival.

What is Theatermaschine?

Theatermaschine is one of the annually organized festivals made by the students of the Institute for Applied Theater Science. It is an non-curated festival and that means that all the students from the institute who applied will show their works. The focus of the festival is to encounter a variety of perceptions and make an exchange of creative ideas and thoughts on the topics the artistic  works are dealing with. Many of the presented artistic works are projects which were developed parallel to the studies and deal with cultural, political, economical and social topics in an experimental way by using interactive, installative and performative practices.